JLPT Vocab decks: have sentence translations

There’s no way to provide feedback from what I can tell to add a new field from within the app itself. Since the JLPT vocab decks are ‘official’ I thought I’d suggest adding a translated sentence field similar to the 10K deck just to confirm one is correct in their understanding

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You can use the comment field of the “propose changes” popup to provide written feedback, after which the author (me in this case) can make the changes if they agree with the feedback.

I like the idea of having sentence translations and would like to add them at some point, along with more example sentences in general, but sadly I don’t have enough time for it right now. Perhaps we could add it as a community effort through the feedback system though :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification on the comments field. I’d be happy to add jp+en from Jisho as I go through the cards which is why I figured I’d ask for an English sentence field add as I go through them

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I’d recommend getting the JP/ENG translations from https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp over Jisho. Jisho uses a not so reliable database for example sentences (anyone can write them - including learners) :slight_smile: