Japanese Sentence mining decks to share?


Besides this sentence mining deck I found doing a quick search,

is there anybody with a ‘subs2kitsun deck’ willing to share it?


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In case there aren’t any subs2kitsun decks available you could also consider importing a subs2srs anki deck instead. A quick google of “subs2srs decks” will lead you to many decks that can be imported :smiley:

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Thank you for the tip, I’ll check it out!

This is only tangentially related, but I just wanted to do a quick shoutout for the card generation feature. When reading/mining, its amazing to be able to quickly generate a super high quality card with a single click. I tried doing this a while back on anki and it just took forever. Thanks @Neicudi ! (Even more unrelated I love the new icon set :slight_smile: )