Japa Slang

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Ok’d to post:

5 categories:
Offensive & Dirty
Internet Slang

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I’d like to get some feedback before posting, some of the content is pretty spicy or just down right dirty and some may find offensive. On the other hand, everything is educational and platform is built for autonomy (no forced learning of 金玉 or 河豚 here) so I personally side with learning rather than censorship. Could add a warning to the deck as well. There are no pictures of course. I’ll assume @Neicudi final word but curious on the community’s thoughts.

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I think sharing this kind of stuff is completely fine (fun even!), as long as the content is not hateful (which it doesn’t seem to be). Perhaps it would be best with a small warning in the description stating the contents ^^

Seems like a fun deck! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I only took a quick look at the website but didn’t see anything particularly hateful or phobic or anything.


Thanks! :blush:

Known issue on the hyperlink for mobile. Works fine on desktop though, never had issue with other site/hyperlinks url launches so I think it’s on their end and how it hands mobile.


If anything, you can put these 2 categories in a separate deck so that people not wanting to deal with those won’t ever get to see them.

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If it wasn’t clear, the categories are already tagged by theme so a user can filter for these categories if they prefer not to see them. I added to deck description just to let it be known.

That said, the tags set were based on the categories mined, but there is overlap (and there may be some repeats)…I’ve gone back on the onomatopoeia to at least give additional filter sexual tags. I’ll scan a bit more later to try add additional tag as need (or give me a heads up if I missed which I probably did).

The moderator used edgy examples throughout, so I can’t guarantee there won’t be spicy example sentence in a seemly innocent vocab or category like interjection or onomatopoeia as it’s all slang themed.

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It was clear. Just that I know people that are sensitive to even having to select those cards and hibernate them. They would rather not have to see them.

Just a suggestion though, no pressure in agreeing :slight_smile:

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