It takes way too long for the cards to reach Red Fox

I’m doing my reviews everyday for like 2 weeks now? And none of them has reached Red Fox yet, even tho I’m answering them correctly.

Do you use Wanikani? The default intervals here are the same as there, so in order to get a Red Fox, it should take you around 3 weeks and half.

Nevertheless, you can always adjust the intervals if you think they’ll fit you better on “Edit deck” => “Advanced” :slight_smile:


I see, thanks.


I’d like to add that you can see the current ‘subrank counts’ of both Kit and Fennec Fox ranks by hovering on the particular counts on the deck dashboard page. That way you can see how your items are progressing inside the major ranks :slight_smile:

For reference, the levels are like this:

Fennec -> 1-4
Kit -> 5-6
Red -> 7
Arctic -> 8
Fire -> 9


It would be great to be able to adjust the levels a bit as well. For the 10k I don’t need the 4 and 8 hour intervals, so I changed it to start with one day, two days, … Now it takes weeks to get out of Apprentice :slight_smile:

For that case I would rather have Arctic 1–3 or something.

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I would love both this, and the ability to rename the levels to Fennec through Fire, though the latter would probably be pretty easy to do in a userscript, so not a big deal.


@Neicudi I’m not the only one! :laughing: