Issue with moving cards between decks


I imported a deck from anki and sadly the nested structure was lost and hence I’ve been re-creating it. To do this I select the box at the top of the list of cards that selects all the cards and then move them using the action “Move to another deck”. This action does not move all the cards regardless of how many cards there are and it sometimes takes several attempts to move them all.

I’m pretty sure this is not working as intended, but if I’m missing something please let me know.



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I’ve used this tool quite often and I haven’t seen a bug yet. My use is more or less when I want to combine content such as when I’m uploading alot of cards to an already published deck, I will test it out in a test deck to be sure I didn’t make a major mistake in the layouts.

I didn’t quite understand the scenario above or the process you are doing to recreate the content. Sounds like you could possibly change your layout within the existing deck without having to move any cards around but maybe I’m misunderstanding

I know the delete function works similarly where are cards will not delete at once and will take several attempts (delete ~2/3s of the request or something). There was a technical reason for this if I recall but I don’t remember why.

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Thanks for the info, sounds like it is a feature rather than a bug :grinning:

I’m not too worried about the deck not importing properly because I just did an “auto” import. If I’d taken the time to do it manually, I’m sure it would have worked.



That does actually sound like a bug rather than a feature (same with the delete action unless I forgot about the reason :open_mouth: )

If you select all cards through the uppermost checkbox (in the table headers) it should move all those cards. However, if you have cards in other templates then you will need to do the same after loading those in. If it is just one template and you select them all, then it should definitely transfer them all.

This has been happening to me too (I move cards between decks a lot), and I get what you mean. However it hasn’t bothered me much. It may look like some of the cards don’t get moved, but when I refresh the page, all of them are moved as intended. So I think it’s just a matter of refreshing the page, and why I haven’t reported it before.

Can you try that and see if it also resolves things on your end?

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Actually, this problem should now be fixed since the latest update (yesterday)! :smiley:

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Oh yay! :smile:

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