Is there a way to get Kitsun to ignore commas?

I’m trying to create sentence cards that would present a sentence, and you would enter an English translation.

For example:
“こんにちは、お父さん” would be “Hello, dad.”

The problem here, however, is that the comma is seen as a separator, and thus the system thinks there’s two meanings. This isn’t correct. I want to require the full sentence, comma included. Is there a way to do this?

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Hey @Screenbones! Welcome!

As you noticed, the comma is seen as a separator. For sentences I’d say to leave it out of the sentence if possible, as it’s often based on someone’s writing style and failing the card due to not placing a comma can be frustrating.

If it’s just for your personal decks I can understand wanting to be able to input a comma in a sentence though. I could add a new input type that does not care about any separators, but it would need to be added to a layout for that to work. Do you currently use custom layouts or are you using the defaults?

Sorry for the late reply!

I was using the Kitsun - Japanese - Vocabulary template, but with a custom layout. I was mostly trying to add sentences from other Japanese Learning apps that I’m using in order to familiarize myself with how sentences are constructed.

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Gotcha, I’ll add a new input to the to-do list that ignores the commas and other separators. That way you can use it in your custom layout once it’s released.