Is there a Kitsun Core 10k deck that excludes WaniKani vocabulary?

Hi all! First post here after learning about it on WaniKani :slight_smile:

I love both, and would like to use this and WK concurrently. However, there seems to be a fair amount of overlap with WK and the Core 10k. Is there a core 10k deck here that excludes the WK vocabulary?

That would be super, super useful, but if there isn’t yet I understand as it is very early days here.



@Neicudi mentioned yesterday on the WK forums that he intends on solving this issue so that people can hibernate the WK words they learned :slight_smile:

Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay and let us know if we can help you in any way! This community is as welcoming as Wanikani’s forums :slight_smile:


Ah perfect timing! :slight_smile: Thank you JP. Great to see you over in these forums as well.

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Besides what @jprspereira mentioned, you can also do the following:

Go to cards management for the 10k deck ,do an advanced search for the tag WK (or WaniKani, I’m not sure exactly what the tag is called) -> select all results (with the checkbox at the top of the table) -> hibernate all matches from the actions button.

Hibernating cards will put them into an inactive state so they don’t show up for lessons/reviews :slight_smile:


Is there a tag for cards in the Genki deck as well? I don’t think there is… is there another way to easily hibernate duplicates?

Welcome to the community @deconroy! :fox_face::tada: Hope you’re enjoying your stay!

Nope, the Genki deck doesn’t have those tags :confused:

I’d advise you to go ahead and start with the Genki deck :slight_smile: You can hibernate the cards that you know in lessons without much of a trouble. @Neicudi has mentioned yesterday that he plans on implementing the Wanikani API on Kitsun so that WK words can be easily found and taken care of. Knowing him, it might be done soon :slight_smile:


I might be able to work with @hinekidori (the author of the genki deck) and add the tags to the deck, if he’s up for it :slight_smile:


Adding genki tags would be so helpful!

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