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Hi everyone,

I’m new here, so i apologize if my question is in the wrong place. Is it possible to add more than 8 intervals? At the moment with the last interval at 2879 hours this would imply concepts are mastered if you remember them after 120 days. Has there been research on this or why was 120 days specifically chosen?

I’m pretty sure if I am learning a word i rarely see it could very well be that I don’t remember the word 6 months later. I was wondering if there was any way to add more intervals so you could still be tested on it 6 months and a year etc later. Essentially i was wondering if intervals could be infinitely increased to the point you won’t see the word again for another 50 years if you know it well enough.

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Nice to meet you, hope you’re enjoying studying!

So far I don’t think there’s a way to do that exactly. Your best bet would be to increase the time between the current intervals. Another option could potentially be to demote the terms you mastered back to a lower level, but that wouldn’t be increasing the max interval really, and isn’t an optimal solution.

Going along the point of infinitely increasing intervals, I don’t think that SRS would really work for that. Even though SRS works by giving you increased intervals of time between each stage, I think that is only effective up to a certain interval. After the “burning” or “master” stage, the idea is that time becomes somewhat irrelevant. You should optimally actively encounter many terms you studied after mastering them, and they won’t need to be reviewed with SRS itself. With many rarer terms this isn’t the case of course. However, these rarer terms shouldn’t shouldn’t be so far from your memory that you can’t quickly pick them back up when you encounter them IRL.

Also, words are mastered in WK and Kitsun partially to prevent them from stacking up too high. After a very long time using an SRS platform without mastered terms, you could get stuck with thousands of terms daily.

Nice to meet you too. Thank you for responding. That makes sense.

I’m enjoying studying so far, but I know from my previous Japanese studies obscure words are sometimes ingrained in my head but I can still forget readings of common words for some reason. I would always start anki in the past but then get overwhelmed or bored and stop. I like the idea of words getting mastered, I just fear i might forget them later, but I guess I can just keep adding words to new decks as well if I come across them while reading and can’t remember them.

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That sounds like a good plan! My advice is to always just keep the later levels in mind (doing 40 lessons a day is stellar but only if you can then keep up with the massive review stack you get when those terms reach level 7). It’s hard to always keep them in mind because there so far away at first, but my strategy is to just keep going at a steady pace and then stop learning new lessons on any day I don’t feel up to it / don’t have time for it. For the words you forget, if you happen to remember what deck you learned them in, you can also demote them back to a level you feel comfortable with.

Also, I think you leveled up, so good work!