Intermediate learner-- new to kitsun

Hi, I just made a kitsun account, I’m in the free trial right now. A subscription is honestly kinda expensive for me personally, but I think kitsun might be worth it.

My question is, while I’m in the free trail, I’d like to figure out how I’d use Kitsun every day. I’m right now studying as if I am going to take the N2 in December. As such, should I do the N2 and N3 decks? (I need to review N3 vocab since it’s been a while). I’ve also heard good things about the Core 10k deck, should I do that instead? Or should I do all three simultaneously?

I know all of the N5 and N4 vocab down pat, so does it make sense to do the Core 10k since it would be a lot of review? But I also really like the sentences and audio components.

Are there any other intermediate learners that are in a similar place and have advice to offer? Also, how many new lessons do people do per day, 5 cards seems low to me, but if I’m doing multiple decks, that might make sense.

Thank you!


I use the 10k and 4.5k decks, and go slow with the N3 deck and words that I come along in a private deck.

I know the words at the beginning of the 10k deck mostly already, but the audio is really good, so I can try to answer just from the audio, or repeat the spoken sentence again.

I set the daily reviews to zero so that they don’t pile up, but when I have the time I do a few batches. For example in 10k there are two cards per word (word and sentence), I set the batch size to 10, and then do 20-30 new items (10-15 new words) per day, depending on how many I already know. The other decks have batch size 7.

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Hey hey! Welcome to kitsun! I do n5, n4, and n3 cuz I didn’t study the vocab from the source that Kitsun uses. I do tons of n5 lessons cuz its all kinda old news; slightly less n4, then n3 I do just the 5 a day. That way I get the larger review in an area I’m mostly familiar with while slowly adding in n3 words. I do the core 10K deck but more of on a “I feel like it” bases when it comes to the lessons. Its a large deck; I expect it to take a long time so I’m not all hell bent to gung-ho it.

best of luck and happy studying!

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Welcome! Good to have you around :smile:

You could commit to starting the 10k deck for the long run and hibernate all words you are familiar with through scrolling through the table of cards first, that way you can skip those without too much effort :slight_smile:

Otherwise I’d suggest the N decks as those are more focused on getting you to your goal of passing the N2+ :smile:

Next to that I’d recommend making an exposure deck with the dictionary tool to reinforce encountered vocab/kanji :slight_smile:


Or maybe hibernate the cards and they go on doing lessons! ^^ There’s lots of extra meanings that people don’t usually learn and that are still common, so it might be useful to go word by word as they go.

Welcome @sandersgrey! I hope you enjoy your stay here :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! I really appreciate getting to see other people’s studying strategy. I put some of the very basic 10k words on hibernate like (tree and one, the stuff that would bother me if I was being quizzed on it) and I think I’ll put the daily reviews to zero and work on it in batches like people recommended.

I also started an exposure deck and I really love the dictionary tool, it’s a really convenient way to add new cards.