Input requires <br> tags

The only way I found to have fields with a new line is to use the <br> tag. For example:

Something.<br>Something else.

The field above is rendered as:

Something else.

However the issue is that when doing the quiz, I’m actually required to input the the following:

Something.<br>Something else.

Instead of:

Something. Something else.

Have you tried separating by ; instead? It works for me.

Hi there, glad to see you here. :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to be able to use ; to create a new line.


Could you perhaps show me what exactly you are trying to do? Is it just for visuals? Are you using your own layouts?

There’s a few ways to create newlines without inserting
tags in your data, depending on what you want to do and which layouts you use, I can explain the most fitting method :smile:

I have my own layout, yes. It’s for visual. It’s a deck where instead of practicing with a kanji or a word, you practice with a sentence. Some sentences are in the form of dialogue, so I want those to appear on two lines.

So you may get:


And you need to type:

Are you Karina? Yes, I'm Karina

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I see, perhaps you could use {{list:fieldname}} which will generate list elements below eachother like:

  • List item
  • List item

Or if you want morw freedom over styling you could go with {{tags:fieldname}} which results in a <div class='tag'>value here</div> element per split value. This could easily be styled into two lines with seoerate colors and such (which might be cool if its always a conversation).

I’d recommend using ; as the delimiter for the splitting. (I’m not 100% sure anymore whether list works with ; though. Been a long time since I last used that type).

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Thanks for the information. Some additional questions:

  • How can I combine {{list:fieldname}} and {{furigana:fieldname}}? I tried with {{furigana:list:fieldname}} and {{list:{{furigana:fieldname}}}} and neither seems to work.
  • If I use a list would I then be able to respond by typing the answer into a single line?

Maybe a dumb idea, but could you do fields like line1, line2, … and put their placeholders on different lines in the layout? There are also conditional layouts depending on the presence of values in the fields.

You would have to split the fields yourself, though.

That would be very suboptimal for a lot of reasons; for example, if I wanted to make the template bidirectional (from original sentences to translated sentences) that would not work.

@Neicudi, any help?

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In case you mean being tested on the Japanese sentences, that is still possible as you can combine multiple fields into a correct answer for the inputs. Let me know if this would work for you.

Combining field types is currently not supported. So its either list, tags or furigana with this set up.

Aside from that I’m not completely sure how the input would handle furigana syntax either (I recall filtering it, but not sure anymore). Another option would be to add a separate field just for displaying purposes while you keep the answer value clean. You’d basically just copy paste the clean value into a new field and alter it according to your formatting preferences.