Importing cards

Hi Kitsun,

Some feedback about word importation:
1/ The box for headers is not centered.

2/ It is not possible to assign nothing to a field from a layout when you import a csv file. Indeed, I created an “Audio” field (in case of) but I don’t have any information about it in my csv file.
3/ When you edit a card, then you save it, a box appears to tell you that all is fine. Its position is a bit annoying because you have to double click if you want to quickly escape. If the box could appear in the middle or to the left, the problem could be easily solved.

4/ In the “Manage card” option, It could be nice to have a button (or with arrows pad) to jump from one card to another card. For now, we are forced to edit card one by one clicking on the pen, then clicking on the cross to close the window.

See you

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Do you perhaps remember what pages you were on before this? I’ve only seen this happen once before and can’t seem to reproduce it. My guess is that some styling is left over from another page and causing it to bug out.

I’m not sure what you mean by this, you can leave the field blank at the matching screen. Could you perhaps elaborate a bit more on this?

Agreed! I’ll check if I can change the position. Note that there are hotkeys for saving and closing the popup (Ctrl+S to save, ESC to close). These hotkeys are available on most edit pages and popups by the way :slight_smile:

Also agree with this! I’ll add it to the Quality of Life changes to-do list :smiley:

Once again thank you for the feedback!

Sorry, no idea :confused: I’ll try to pay attention next time.

Precisely, I can’t… All fields are automatically filled in by the first header (see bellow). Then, it is not possible to let the field empty (no option can be selected).

Fine, I’ll try next time :slight_smile:

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No worries, I’ll try to reproduce the issue again.

Oh! I just tested it and you are correct, the fields are automatically filled in now. I changed the code of the selectboxes and imports in the latest update, so it probably accidentally caused this issue. I’ll make sure you can deselect it. I’ll let you know once the fix is live!

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@zackalucard Sorry for the wait, but the hotfix for the fields always being filled in is now live!

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