Iknow core 6k vs Kitsun 10k

If I finished the Iknow Core 6k, and want to continue learning with the Kitsun 10k deck, are both those sources exactly equivalent? As in… is card 6001 from Kitsun 10k exactly where I would continue from after finishing Iknow?

Thank you for your attention guys!

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I’m not the best person to answer this as I don’t use the deck, but I’ll try to anyways ^^

I believe the vocabulary is the same, but the content is different. The 10k deck has had a ton of changes based on feedback from Kitsun users.

I think your assumption is correct in that 6001 is where you can start if you did the iKnow 6k already :slight_smile:

Thank you! Hopefully it really is simple as that!

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