Ignore Hotkey not working

Hey, I can’t seem to get the hotkey for ‘Ignore’ to work. I’ve tried changing it to a few different bindings, but it only works if I click. I’m on Chrome and OSX. Any ideas?

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Are you using a ‘esc’ and do you have a touch bar by chance? I may have had it lock up once, I think restarting resolved it. Otherwise I’m using chrome/macOS and it’s ok for me. You can also try disengaging the ‘always show flip buttons’ on your deck, I thought I recall it being buggy but may have been long ago (and since resolved).

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Thankfully I have a physical Escape key. Those MacBooks were awful. I am still cursed with one hah. I changed the binding a few times and saved it and it seems to be working now. Weird. Perhaps I spoke too soon…Thanks for the help!