How to use it

Just joined in. Have browsed it for a while but couldn’t understand how to use it. Is there any help desk? Where to begin with?!

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Are you familiar with SRS in general?

How to use it depends on your goals. Do you want to start learning ASAP without creating your own cards and such? Just pick a deck from the community centre and start your lessons after grabbing the deck :slight_smile:

Do you wish to create your own cards (and deck)? You can do so by creating a deck (the tooltip on the decks page should show you how, if you have 0 decks) and creating cards.

Creating cards can be done through the cards management table (accessed from the deck dashboard) or through one of the card generation tools (e.g. (Japanese) Dictionary tool).

If you need further help feel free to ask away!

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Hi! This has nothing to do with the above question per se, but I wonder about changing cards of other people’s decks yourself. I know you mentioned in another post that you need the person who made it to change it in order to get it updated and I do understand the reasoning behind it. However there’s a lot of mistakes in the Tobira deck for example, (for example there are lots of spaces in the readings which will make it impossible for the input to be correct). Isn’t there a way for you to customize the decks you download, or are you considering implementing it? Love the site btw!

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There’s a few reasons why community deck cards can not be changed by the user directly. Some of the main ones being:

  • You don’t actually have your own personal copy. Everyone uses the same set of cards in the system, which enables features like pushing updates from the author to everybody using the deck at once.
  • I’d like the author to have control over their decks/content unless they agree to freely share the deck through a personal copy link (this feature is on the backburner).
  • the feedback/suggestion system in Kitsun is really easy to use for both the person suggesting and the author of the deck. Having a personal copy will make it so your changes will not be available to other users, which might face the same issues you are facing.
  • Having thousands of personal copies of the 10K deck with 20.000 cards won’t really benefit Kitsun’s servers/database speed either.

The Tobira deck was made by @hinekidori and I know he regularly updates the decks through the feedback system (Around 7000 suggestions have been accepted for the 10k deck already). Perhaps you could tag the problematic cards for him when you encounter them?

Regarding whitespace being an issue, that rather sounds like a Kitsun issue, as whitespace should be stripped before validating the answer. Perhaps it is not stripping full width spaces correctly :open_mouth: Could you let me know if you encounter a card like that again? I’d love to check it out :smile:

Great to hear you are enjoying the website! I think you are one of the few high level users right now ^^


か 国[こく] is in the Tobira deck for example and due to the space inbetween か 国 the answer won’t be correct. Another problem is when hiragana and katakana is used in the same word,e.g ユニークな, often it won’t be accepted either due to it being a mix of kana.

I do understand the system but I kind of feel bad cause it feels like I’m spamming Hinekidori haha, he’s a godsend and I use all of his decks atm.

Really? I hope more people start using Kitsun! I do understand a lot of people already use anki and don’t want to pay for this service, but as one of the few people who couldn’t stand anki’s boring interface etc this really has helped me. Thank you once again!


The whitespace is an issue from importing the deck from Anki. Please report it in Feedback when you come across it and I will fix it.

Thank you! :grin:


Kitsun only removes whitespace around the possible answers, not inside an actual answer (like your example shows) when checking for correct answers. So it’s an issue with the data rather than Kitsun.

I’ll work together with hine to figure something out regarding the whitespace. Perhaps just a database script that removes all whitespace :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know when it’s fixed :smiley:

Regarding the kana, it should be possible to mix both in your answer, unless a strict input type is being used. I’ll have to check it out to see what’s going on there :sweat_smile:

The amount of users actually isn’t that low, it’s just that it takes quite some effort to get into the higher levels and since about 90% of the current users comes from WK, I imagine most give priority to WK right now :slight_smile:

I have plans to start a marketing campaign for Kitsun very soon, which will hopefully bring in some users from sources other than just the WK forums ^^