How to update a deck

Okay, so I have this one problem; I made a Deck that uses “/” as separation instead of “,” and, there’s potentially tons of words that have to have a long string of words to be correct.

Is there a way to mass-update them? I assume this are one of the changes that are coming, but in the meantime there’s nothing to do about it, right?

I still have the files needed to create them, and I’d like to update them as I see one person has began using a deck I made :D.

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I’m assuming this means you have a lot of cards that need to be altered? I’m afraid there is no way to currently mass find and replace a specific template field value of your cards / to , or ; :sweat_smile:

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But, there will be a way in the future, correct?

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2 cents, given you just released it and just a few users it might be easier to replace the cards on another import. Users could manually replace their SRS level per card to keep on track without too much inconvenience…though I’m not that user to say for sure, haha. But if mass updates are coming the Kitsun soon, forget this paragraph :grin:

I think it’s a great addition and very practical vocab list so thanks for adding :slightly_smiling_face:…I may cross check it more in the future. If you end up refurbing the deck, I may recommend having some tags for a deck this size. I’m not sure how UKC is designed but if there was N-level, it would be a bit easier to navigate this amount of cards. Also having a Eng->Jp layout would very useful as many users utilize it on a regular basis for their vocab studies, personally I have come to rely on it. Thanks again for adding!


Yes, probably! I’m hoping to add excel/google sheets like functionality to the cards table at some point. Initial tests with a page like that went pretty well, the hard part is in detecting changes and mass updating say 20.000 cards at the same time without clogging the server/database too much ^^

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Just so you know, I saw your feedback and I’ll try to do it one day, when I’m not as busy, hopefully it didn’t come off as me ignoring you, I didn’t mean it to look like that :D.


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