How to tell which deck the duplicate is coming from

Hello everyone,

I am enjoying the new feature that shows when cards are duplicated. My problem now is I was wondering how we can see in which deck the card is duplicated in. I often see the purple icon now but when I search that deck I know the card isn’t repeated in that deck, so it must be in another one. I haven’t found a search all deck feature. Does this exist?

For example if I go manage deck I can search cards in that single deck but I would like to be able to see which decks the repeated cards are appearing in.


I’m afraid that currently that is not possible. In order to keep things quick I needed to keep the known words list as simple as possible. This means that when you learn a card, the main value just gets added to the list and that value gets compared to the cards in the table (of the cards management page).

I think the feature should mostly be used in cojunction with the advanced search filter “Level” as you can search for level 0 (so unlearned cards) and “Known” status together. Doing that will show you duplicates that you have yet to learn that you learned in either this deck or another deck, so you can hibernate them all at once.

Another thing is that it’s supposed to be a quick tool for you to verify duplicates and filter them. If you don’t exactly remember a word then you might want to consider relearning it rather than filtering it ^^

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