How to study with MaruMori (Grammar reviews, exercises,...)?


I’m new to MaruMori and try to figure out everything little by little.
For now I managed to do some beginner lessons (10 so far) and I feel it’s a bit fast for me.
I’m used to Japanese From Zero which I use for 4 months now and that is way more slow with a good amount of exercises at the end of every lesson. I consider myself a slow learner in terms of language. It took me nearly 20 years to learn basic English, so… :stuck_out_tongue:
My question is now, how do I really learn with MaruMori? Are there more exercises coming in the next lessons? Am I supposed to read through the lessons and come up with exercises by myself? But how do I know I make things right then? Or just one lesson everyday and see where it leads me?
I don’t know how to practice that I read in the lessons.

Hope you have some tips for me :blush:

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Are you doing the vocab and kanji SRS lesson ‘Homework’ to build your reading base before you progress? It should be unlocking as you progress through the tiles for the lessons to be available.

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Yes I do. The first tile I somehow missed at first but I noticed it later. I don’t think the vocab is the main problem for me as I already know some from JFZ and WK. It’s the lack of practice and usage.


Hey! I think pacing yourself is pretty important. We typically recommend doing 1 level per day, so that you have time to really internalize the new information you just learned (and have time to work through SRS lessons and reviews). Regarding grammar exercises, there are 3-5 exercises at the bottom of the Grammar Lessons and the Reading Exercises in between every 5 grammar lessons (which prime you on the new grammar points/kanji/vocabulary).

Our conjugation drills are almost ready for release too, which will add new levels to the adventure regions, to make sure that you remember all the new conjugations you learn. Keep an eye out for that in the next few days!

Aside from that, we also plan on adding a few more training tools, mock exams, a grammar database/index and grammar SRS to help you find and remember all the things you learned in the lessons. Due to popular demand, grammar SRS has recently been switched from phase 3 to phase 2 on our roadmap, which means we’re starting work on it very soon! (Phase 1 is ending pretty soon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

Another thing you could consider doing (while we work on those features) is creating notes for yourself, so that you can run by all your newly gained info every once in a while to make sure it sticks.

Hope that helps a little bit!

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Thank you very much!
You are right, I expect too much from myself. During my studies I usually don’t understand much on the first day, can’t remember on the second and know most of it on the third. I should have known better :sweat_smile:
I will slow down a bit and do my reviews and not more than one lesson per day.

I’m looking forward to your next updates! It is really cool to see the development. I’m new to this place and I don’t know you for long but what I have seen in such short time is incredible. You are such talented and committed people. It is a pleasure to witness how you do your work. This sounds a bit cheesy, I know. My point is, that you have a very good plan and you work determined and efficient. As a user this feels very good because I know you care.
I can’t afford lifetime subscription at the moment but I hope lots of others can to support you.

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Thank you! :kitloved: Appreciate it!