How to make a card automatically type answer in Katakana

I know in some decks I’ve seen for katakana words the answer will automatically be typed in Katakana when you are being quized. How can I implement this? Thanks!

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This is something you can do in your set style. If you replace the input wrapper’s “{{type-ja:FieldName[Field Description]}}” with:

{{katakana:FieldName[Field Description]}}

You can use a layout that automatically converts to katakana. The only problem is that this much be a layout that is assigned to katakana cards only. EDIT: As Neucudi describes below, you actually can check if there is Katakana.

Also just in case you aren’t aware, turning on caps-lock activates katakana input. Or you can just hold shift as you type, but that’s a bit burdensome in my opinion.

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To add to @Buscadon’s answer:

It’s also possible to create a single layout that switches inputs based on a field value. You can do this with the IF/IF NOT syntax. Hinekidori also uses this in his decks.

So say you add a field called “HasKatakana”, you could do the following in your layout

{{katakana:Fieldname[Field Description]}}
{{type-ja:Fieldname[Field Description]}}

Then if a card has any value in HasKatakana field (e.g. x or yes) it will render the katakana input, otherwise it renders the regular Japanese input.

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Thank you both. I suppose the easiest thing is the caps lock, but I’m usually on my phone. Holding the up arrow seems to work though, as @Buscadon mentioned, but a bit difficult to type then.


Double tapping the up arrow usually enables capslock on both android and iOS, perhaps that could help?

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