How to check the amount of known word in my account?

Hi I’m just curious is there anyway to check the amount of known words and probably some others statistic data.

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A known words management page is currently top priority on my to-do list for the website, on there you would also be able to view the amount of words you know.

If you haven’t marked anything as known manually, the amount of words you know should be the same as the amount of words you are currently reviewing or have mastered. You could take a look at the home page and combine the numbers of the SRS ranks to get your total.

For streaks you could take a look at the mobile app home screen and toggle the streak view to monthly. This should give you a few more stats than the current web version :smile:

A dedicated stats page is also on my to-do list. If you have any suggestions for stats that might be interesting to have, please let me know :smiley:

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Oh I see. I hibernate and add known word manually a lot. So I just want to estimate the amount of vocab I curently know. But it’s ok. I’m just curious.

One more question is there any way I can randomize the lesson order in 10k Kitsun deck?

The review is just a ton of listening pracetice for me now lol. Since I’ve hibernated most of the early vocabs.

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I’m afraid not, the author decides the order for their community decks.

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