How to change index / order that cards appear

Hello everyone,

I was wondering how I can change the order that cards appear in a deck I have created. Looking at the 10k deck I am guessing this is one by index number, but I don’t see a way to edit this. Could you let me know how? I’m trying to create a manga deck and I need to change the order of some cards and they are all showing up as -1 index right now and I am not sure how to change this. Thank you!


You can change the lesson sorting option of the deck (in the deck settings) to “Index” and afterwards it will allow you to set the index for your cards.

As a general sidenote, spreadsheet editing functionality is currently in the making, which should make cards management a bit easier when dealing with large datasets :smile:


Neicudi already replied, but just wanted to give a quick tip. When building decks by Index, it’s a good idea to go by increments of 10. So card number 1 would have Index 10, card number 2 would have Index 20 and so on… This is because you might want to change the order of cards later on. If you’re going 1 by 1 and you end up wanting to change the order, you’ll end up either having 2 cards with the same index (which then chronological order matters) or you’ll have to change the index to a bunch of words. It doesn’t need to be gaps of 10 of course.

Just a quick mention of this in case it’s relevant for you :slight_smile:


Thank you both!