How tell kata vs hou apart, hi vs nichi in 10K Japanese deck?

It’s driving me crazy that I can’t get the hou vs kata cards past level 2 because I can’t distinguish which one it is when displayed when just doing kanji -> kana and kanji -> English cards. One time it’ll show the hint ‘not casual’ which is clearly kata, but for the other cards no such hint displays, at least by default so it’s a 50/50 I’ll guess correctly for the other three cards. Same issue with hi vs nichi where only one card of the four says ‘not fire’.

Is there a trick to knowing which card is being used so I can put in the correct answer?

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I’m not sure about the details of that deck (perhaps @jprspereira or @FlamySerpent can help you with that), but what you could do is add personal synonyms for the cards that give you trouble like this (like adding both hou and kata as possible answers). You can do this by clicking on the round pencil button on the backside of the card.

You could also consider submitting feedback to the deck creator (@hinekidori) through the feedback system for those cards so that they can be further distinguished with hints or something :slight_smile:

Hope that helps a bit!

I think this is the way to go! Some cards already do have hints like that, so it’s the matter of adding more to identical kanji/words like that :smile:

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