How many cards do you add per day?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering how many cards you add per day. Do you try to keep your apprentice items under 100 like with wanikani? I have the problem where I always want to add new cards but I feel burned out when my apprentice card number is too high.


Now that I’m almost done with WK and BP I try to keep it under 200. But! it’s not actually 200, ~60 of them are from Portuguese right now, and 120 are from 10k, where I do sentences too, so it’s 2 cards per one word. So really it’s more like 120 in beginner. On WK I had it around 150 and that was comfortable for me :smile:

I do 5 lessons (sometimes 10) on PT and 10 (so 5 words) on 10k every day. I do skip lessons quite often if I feel like it’s getting too much, or I didn’t do evening reviews for a couple of days.

This below gives me around 300-400 reviews per day which I can manage because of those 10k sentence cards^^


I do exactly this right now. After learning too many times what burnout tastes like, I’ve learned that 200 apprentice/beginner items are my absolute limit :grimacing:

And now that I’m busier than I’ve ever been in my life, I know that I need to keep them under 100 or I’m going to be more burned out than ever :laughing:


I think this can vary a bit depending on whether you’re doing SRS elsewhere (I guess you’re also going through WK), how much time you have, etc.

My suggestion would be to avoid starting too many decks for now. Maybe just go with one. If you’re using Genki to study, you can take the opportunity to use the Genki Vocabulary Deck, or if you’re just looking to learn common vocabulary, you can study the Core 10000 words. Since you seem to be doing Wanikani, Core 10 has these tags L1, L2, L3, etc which represent the WK level at which you’ll be able to read that word :slight_smile: So that might be definitely useful.

Also, start with a lower amount of lessons. Maybe just go with 5 a day and see how you do. If you feel like later to can do more, you’ll just need to adjust a bit :slight_smile: I think it’s always better to aim for fewer lessons a day that you can actually do than overdoing, losing consistency, and feeling stressed about this whole thing.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:


I have:

  • 10 lessons on 10K (Main)
  • 12 lessons on Genki (Main)
  • 5 lessons on Yuru Camp Vol.1 (To have some fun and start reading in few months)
  • 3 lessons on Katakana (I hate it because of the random ー in the middle of some words haha)

I admit that I felt a bit overwhelmed 4 days ago when I got my 55 lessons on WK new level :sweat_smile: As I really want to do it all in once or in few hours, it was quite exhausting for 2-3 days.
I lowered it to 15 lessons for 2 days but now I’m back at 30, probably until I’ll have another level unlocked on WK. I think that’s what would work the best for me. That’s a really good thing that you can adjust the number of new lessons here :partying_face:

I’m also doing KaniWani for memory reinforcement and I just started BunPro yesterday to learn a bit of grammar. But I don’t intend to do more than 3 lessons on BP.

Kitsun and WK are the main :smiley: I’m not going to deny that it takes me some time everyday but I enjoy it.


I think I was doing 20 on WK when I was going really fast, plus some occasional lessons on Kitsun and just 2 on BP. I wouldn’t recommend more than 2 on Bunpro actually, I did binge a lot in the beginning though, that wasn’t nice :eyes: shameless plug -

When I reached this point though it did sound like a lot xD Depends on what time and effort you can spare on language learning, but just be careful to not burn out^^ You’re still gonna be going fast if you lower it to “just” 20 lessons a day and 2 grammar points :smile:


Thanks everyone! I think I might have too many decks at the moment.


Between 10-15 lessons here and 10-15 lessons on WK
Plus Study grammar using textbooks and youtube.

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I always take four or less lesson to keep my retention resist

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About 20 lessons on WK (going fast for a few levels) and around 15 here on kitsun. I am feeling the burnout coming but will try and stick with this speed for a month or two and then slow down.

I have three decks here on kitsun, 10k, my own and the prefecture one which I just mess around with coz I find it really fun.

Bunpro is kind of like a minigame I play from time to time (atleast some once per day) as I try to get some more immersion time and therefore some more grammar exposure. Add a lesson here and there and to some reviews here and there.


I tried to do 10 from the JLPT N5 deck and 10 from the やがて君になる deck, plus I also have general WK and the Genki textbook and it was all a bit too much, so now adding maybe 5 a day to each. My accuracy level is slowly going back up.