How many active decks do you guys have?

just curious how many decks you are using ^^


One. Just the 10K Japanese vocab. That’s plenty to keep me going (plus WK as well). I’ve not even made a personal deck. No need yet. Though I’m sure I’ll do it soon enough!

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Currently using the following:


  • Grammar Deck
  • Exposure deck (Kanji/Vocab I encounter while consuming native material)
  • Kanji Deck

Been thinking about steamrolling through the N5-N4 decks just as a refresher :slight_smile:

Also tempted to make a deck specifically for ENG -> JP cards. Those cards are my least favorite kind to review, but I do think it’s needed in order to work on a better “active vocabulary”.


what kind of cards did you add to this deck? did you structure it like bunpro does it?

that’s a good idea. I created one for smartphone vocab but it slowly turns into more of an exposure deck lol guess I’ll rename it.

yeah I know what you mean. I started using kaniwani again bc of that reason. hope that helps me to level up faster in wanikani.

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At the moment I’m only using ‘Genki Complete Vocabulary’. Once that deck is finished, I’ll probably start making my own deck (based off how great hinekidori’s deck is made).


his 10k deck is great. I can only recommend it :pray:t5:


I tried it out but it looks rather difficult, it starts with a sentence like ‘一般の方はこちらの席へどうぞ。’ and I have no idea how to deconstruct a sentence like that.


yeah I know what you mean. for me it was the same with some vocab but I noticed that I knew most most of them even though my wk level wasn’t that high (maybe lvl 15)

Its a deck containing grammar points from the Dictionary of Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Japanese book series. Made a custom layout and currently looking at ways to create production cards (cards where you have to type the particular grammar point into an example sentence).

@KennethDK perhaps you could filter out the sentence layouts (through layout filtering in the deck settings) and focus on just the vocabulary until you reach a point where you get more comfortable with the language :slight_smile:

I’m personally a fan of creating your own cards though, as I feel like it reinforces the learning process and also helps with context a bit.


I’m using the 10k and 4.5k decks, and the prefectures deck.

I could use a deck to go through all kanji again, but I’m not impressed the the ones I found. A deck with great audio like 10k but with more advanced sentences would also be nice.


You could try our subs2kitsun if you want to study with more sentences. it’s pretty decent.

I know what you mean! But I don’t know if you have noticed, there are links on the card to half a dozen dictionaries where the sentence is broken down for you.

Though I must admit, if a sentence is really far too hard for me, I hibernate it! One day, when I finish the deck, I’ll take them all out of hibernation, like creatures rising up from the tomb to haunt me! lol!


My current decks:

  • 10k - Kitsun Optimized - 1500 words left. Taking it real slowly and only learning the words I see from exposure there.
  • Exposure deck - My most active deck right now. I do around 10 to 15 lessons there every day, depending on how much/what I’ve read the previous day.
  • Katakana 4.5k - I finished it already, only doing reviews at this point. 50% already Mastered :grin::tada:
  • Russian vocab deck - Only doing reviews at this point. I was adding words as I’d see them, but I’ve found some decks ordered by frequency that are pretty good, but there’s 1 small big problem making them impossible to study right now :sweat_smile: Looking into figuring out a way to fix them, so that I can get back to lessons again :smiley:
  • Prefectures of Japan - I will start it today :tada::tada:

I’ve got the 10k Deck, Exposure Deck, and N5, 4 and 3. I’m on N3 but rather than just mark decks as complete and skip I thought I’d do a refresher through them. I thought about making a manga deck but decided to just funnel that through the exposure deck.

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