How long do you think kitsunio will last?

Obviously nobody here knows the real answer but in your best estimation how long do you think kitsunio will last? the lifetime subscription assumes the site will last at least 3 years. does that seem likely?

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The site was already a few years old before the launch, so you will get a few years out of it in any case. I got lifetime without worrying about it too much, it’s more an investment in a tool that I actually use (in contrast to Anki where my usage always … declines over time).

It works already fine, maybe some more decks in the community center are needed for lazybusy people like me (although I could just snatch some Anki deck :thinking:).

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Why wouldn’t it keep going for decades to come? It’s a great site and a great concept and it is just getting better and better all the time!

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There’s no way I’m taking Kitsun down at any point, I’ve put too much time and effort into creating this website :laughing: Even if I would be the last user left, I would still keep it up as I personally use it for my studies and probably always will :smiley:


If it helps, Kitsun was up for 1.5 years without making any profit (and actually making a loss, since Neicudi was giving this service for all users for free during beta testing). Now that it’s Pay2Use, I think it will last a lot more than that :b

I still intend on finishing my Japanese studies :jp:, learn Russian :ru: and in the future years probably tackle Chinese :cn: ^^