How long do you think kitsunio will last?

Obviously nobody here knows the real answer but in your best estimation how long do you think kitsunio will last? the lifetime subscription assumes the site will last at least 3 years. does that seem likely?

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The site was already a few years old before the launch, so you will get a few years out of it in any case. I got lifetime without worrying about it too much, it’s more an investment in a tool that I actually use (in contrast to Anki where my usage always … declines over time).

It works already fine, maybe some more decks in the community center are needed for lazybusy people like me (although I could just snatch some Anki deck :thinking:).

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Why wouldn’t it keep going for decades to come? It’s a great site and a great concept and it is just getting better and better all the time!

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There’s no way I’m taking Kitsun down at any point, I’ve put too much time and effort into creating this website :laughing: Even if I would be the last user left, I would still keep it up as I personally use it for my studies and probably always will :smiley:


If it helps, Kitsun was up for 1.5 years without making any profit (and actually making a loss, since Neicudi was giving this service for all users for free during beta testing). Now that it’s Pay2Use, I think it will last a lot more than that :b

I still intend on finishing my Japanese studies :jp:, learn Russian :ru: and in the future years probably tackle Chinese :cn: ^^


I’m right there with you tbh, at this point I’ve invested too much time into making and setting up sets to just stop. Also, it’s legit become my favorite Japanese studying tool, especially b/c it’s a great mix of deeper customizability & ease-of-design features. Not to mention I’m using it for other languages too, so there’s that.

RN just waiting until I know my finances are good to get lifetime, because I see no reason not to keep using this tool for as long as I study language. What language could it not be good for given that people make sets for it?

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Great to hear :smiley: I think it would be still be fine even if people dont share decks anymore (although I doubt that would happen) as there are import tools for anki decks and also just regular wordlists (csv/tsv/txt) so you can get new stuff to learn with from pretty much anywhere :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! Glad to hear that the motivation is so high! It is indeed a great platform with tons of growth potential.

I arrived recently to Kitsu from Wanikani, looking for a tool to learn german vocab. It works perfect on non-日本語 decks. great job really.

Was wondering, how is the dev team holding up? I understand its not opensource right? is there anyway to contribute? claps for the devs <3


Cheers! Thanks for the kind comments :smiley:

The dev team consists of only me so far. Kitsun started as a small side project and I still work at my dayjob, but ever since it went into beta almost all my spare time goes to working on Kitsun. I hope to be able to fully dedicate my time to just Kitsun very soon. After that I want to recruit some motivated people and expand the team ^^

Although I like the idea of open source, Kitsun is closed source for now as any copies could cause a problem :sweat_smile: I have been thinking about open sourcing the upcoming mobile apps though.

Because of this I’m afraid it isn’t currently possible to contribute with code, but it might be possible in the future. Thanks for the offer though, really appreciate it!

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Oh wow the mobile app! I usually study with my computer but that would make it useful to study whenever I’m not by my computer and need something to do.

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Make sure to let us know if you need some extra coding hands :face_with_monocle:!

Perhaps in the future, you could enable an external API, to allow for some open source magic to sprout.

Anyhow, thanks for investing so much time on this, it sure helps.

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Haha yeah! I’ve restarted work on it again last week. Pretty exciting stuff :smile:

That’s also definitely still on my todo list! Would love to see what kind of cool stuff people can create with it :smile: