How do I publish a deck

Hi! I’m a tutor and I made a JLPT N5 vocab deck for one of my students, I published it from the deck settings and it shows up in the community center, but my student says they cannot use it.
He clicked the Get Deck button and added it to his account, but he says he can only use it as a flashcard set and he cannot type anything (meaning of words). Is there any setting I need to turn on for that?


Hey @daniellacda! Thank you for contributing to the community center with your decks :kithappy:

I’ve checked your JLPT N5 Vocab deck and you did everything correctly. What I think is happening is that your student is trying to type during lessons.

The purpose of lessons is not to immediately start typing the answers, but for you to learn the information on the back of the cards as you go on flipping them. Once you’re done reading the information on 5 cards, you’ll be asked to take part in a quiz. This is where you’ll be able to start typing the answers. Once you answer correctly to all the cards you just learned, the lesson session will end and the cards will enter the Space Repetition cycle.

Here’s a gif that might help.

Hope that helps!