How do I make a new layout?

I really love the Kanji writing practice decks. I’d love to make decks like this for myself. Since there is no option to copy community decks over to my personal decks I guess I’ll have to try creating one myself.
I don’t really know a lot about html, but I thought I could use that as a challenge to learn something new.
But I have no idea how to create a new layout to try things out. I thought I could use the Kitsun - Japanese - Kanji template and add to that. But I can’t change the code on an existing layout and every time I try to make a new layout I get the error message: „failed to save layout: Could not find template“.
I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong :sweat_smile: Do I need to create a new template first?
So…I obviously have no idea how to go about this.
Is there a tutorial for people that don’t really know html?

I’m sorry if this was already asked and I was just too stupid to find it :disappointed_relieved:

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I’m not sure what’s causing the error for you to be honest. Could you perhaps describe the exactly actions you took?

On the edit layouts page you could select the Kitsun - Japanese - Kanji template -> select a layout to use as a base -> duplicate the layout (button next to the selection fields) -> adjust the code of the new copy.

HTML tutorials are plenty on the internet (perhaps take a look at ), although Kitsun does have a bit of a special templating syntax in order to show the values of your cards and create inputs and such. You can check how the default layouts work and use that as a guide.

If you have specific questions about HTML/CSS feel free to ask though, I can help you out if things don’t work :slight_smile:

Oh thank you that way works :grin:

I went to tools -> layouts -> selected a template and then chose “new…” as layout. Then I typed in a name and just copy pasted the code from another layout. When I clicked on save afterwards I got the message. But I see now that my layouts were saved despite the warning message. I don’t remember them being there yesterday though.

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Hmm that’s kinda weird, I’ll try to reproduce the issue a few more times.

Glad it worked!