How do I add a card to a personal deck through card generation?

Hi there, so I am new here, and this might be completely straigthforward and I am missing something, but… I created a personal deck and trying to add cards to it through ‘Card generation’ > ‘Dictionary’. So far so good, found the word I want, filled in the bits, but I cannot seem to add it to my deck. When I generate a default card, in the drop down ‘Deck’ menu, nothing appears.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Hey @IntrepidFox ! Welcome to Kitsun!

Did you manage to figure it out? I just took a look at your account and see one personal deck that I can also select for the card generation in the dictionary tool. It does appear that you put the deck to inactive, but I do see a few cards in it already.

If it was another deck (that you perhaps deleted by now), could it be that you accidentally made a folder instead?

If the issue is not resolved please let me know either here or through DMs :slight_smile:

Yes, I made a folder! :woman_facepalming: It’s all good now, thanks!