Hibernated/Unhibernated all cards and now reviews are messed up

At first, I accidentally moved all of my cards to the front of the pile. In an effort to remove this tag, I tried hibernating all of the cards but nothing changed. It looks like all of the data for my review dates has been erased. It says my next big review isn’t until the 23rd, but I have been learning ~40 cards every weekday. Any fixes for this?

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I’ll go check it out. Unless you have been demoting your cards to 0 no progress should be lost. They are probably just set as hibernated.

Gonna check the database :slight_smile:


Alright, I now get what happened. Because you hibernated all cards and awoke them afterwards, it recalculated the SRS intervals for all those cards. This is intended as usually hibernated cards have review dates in the past and need to be recalculated…

In your case this is obviously not what you would want to happen… I’m afraid I don’t have a specific fix for this, although I could manually set review times to at least spread it out for you, it will not be the same as before.

I’ll send you a PM to further discuss the details.

Edit 2:
Just to give a public update in case this ever comes up again:

I’m thinking that it might be possible to retrace the correct timing by looking at the creation date of the progress record and increasing that with the time it normally takes to reach that SRS Level. This would give relatively correct review dates if reviews were done on time and cards were answered correctly.