Hibernated cards not replaced during lesson session

When I hibernate a card in lesson mode, this card is not replaced by a new card right away to achieve the desired batch size. Instead, I have to finish or cancel the current lesson session first, before a new card is added to the batch. So for example, if I have three daily lessons and hibernate a card in lesson mode (because I know the card content by heart already), I have to finish the two remaining cards in quiz mode first, and then I have to start another lesson session to study the new card replacing the hibernated one.

This is a bit annoying for me, because I’m doing the Japanese 10k deck, but I already know a lot of vocabulary. So when I do new lessons, I always hibernate cards I already know right away. Because the batch is not “refilled” during a lesson session, I often have to do several sessions where I only have one card in the batch which I already know and hibernate, until I get to a session with a card I don’t already know. It would be great if hibernated cards could get replaced during the lesson sessions, not only inbetween.

I hope I could explain the issue well enough ^.^’

Not intended to solve what you are asking but it may be worth building your ‘known’ base in Kitsun, it makes the platform far more useful and much easier to deck filter. If Anki user, you can import your base and mark as known. If WaniKani, I posted a filter deck a few months ago. I’ve even downloaded the N level decks on Kitsun, without intent of using but just marking down cards of vocab I already know so I can filter decks more effectively, so it may help you 10k deck experience (or any other deck for that matter) so you can hibernate your known vocab before even doing lessons.