Help please!

Can someone help me please?

I’ve just been using the 10K deck (brilliant!) and the N5 deck (brilliant!) but want to make my own now.

All I want is a deck with sentences I add myself. Japanese on the front, no input, just do I understand yes/no, and English on the back.

I seems I can just use “Default Kitsun Layouts - Subs Cards” and then “foreign-native” to do that. I think. But… how do I add furigana to the Japanese sentences? And am I going about this the right way? Any help much appreciated!

You can use kanji [x] (ex. ソフトクリームを二[ふた]つください。) It should work on the layout you want to use. There is the 10k template in the Comminity Centre, you could build it so furigana Context Sentence is just on the back of the card to test your reading comprehension (if you want).

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Thank you so much!

Edit: Just tried it out, and it works a treat! Thank you so much!

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Yes, I see what you mean! Having furigana on the back only would be great! But I can’t find a template. I’ve not made my own deck before because every time I try, I get overwhelmed, it’s just so difficult to set it up!

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If anyone reads this and knows how to do it, can you point me in the right direction? @s1212z helped set me up with how to create furigana (thanks so much) so now I have cards with Japanese on one side, and Japanese and English on the other (no input). But the ability to have furigana only on the back and not the front would be brilliant. Anyone know how I can do this?

Just to clarify the above, the 10k template is here

You can set cards like this back of card:


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Thank you so much! That is amazing! I’ll have to give it a try! Thank you!

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