Hi, Sethera here! I’m another new user drawn in by the lifetime sale. :slight_smile: I’ve had my eye on joining kitsun.io for a while now, but due to money and it being a necessary thing, I put off actually subscribing until yesterday.

I first found out about kitsun.io through Wanikani, which I also finally subbed to a few weeks ago. I’m using both sites to learn Japanese, and while I am still very new to it (about ten months now), I’m also confident that I’ll stick with it since I’ve gotten bogged down by flashcard reviews multiple times and haven’t given up yet.

In fact, the flashcard problem is actually why I decided to join kitsun.io. I started with Anki before I heard of this site, and have had multiple issues with it, such as its ease-factor problem, excessive review options, and limitations in AnkiMobile. While I get why Anki is so popular, it’s just not for me. I prefer Wanikani and kitsun.io’s intervals, as well as the site’s easy way of adding new cards via dictionary and keeping track of them between multiple decks without having to jump through multiple hoops. And I saw there’s also a new way of adding cards via immersion reading, which looks super cool and I might try it when I get further in my studies.

I’m looking forward to sticking with kitsun.io and seeing what other new changes are in store for this place!


Hey @Sethera, glad to have you on board!

Hope your studies go well and that Kitsun helps you realize your goals :smiley: We have many new improvements and features planned for this year so do stick around ^^

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Welcome Sethera, glad to see a fox such as yourself is feeling like home :fox_face::tada: :heart_eyes:

What made you take the jump to learn Japanese? :smile:

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys! :smiley: I’m definitely not planning on leaving anytime soon (would be a bad idea anyway since I just bought lifetime) and I’m excited to see what new things you have planned! Especially since there’s a new update that just went live! It’s pretty great to be a kitsun fox now when new things are happening!

I actually decided to learn for a relatively lame reason–I wanted to play a video game but it wasn’t available in English and I looked everywhere for an English translation but couldn’t find one. And I said, “You know I’m sick of this. This isn’t the first time I’ve come across this roadblock. There are other games I’ve wanted to play but couldn’t because they never got localized! So I’m just gonna learn Japanese then. That’ll teach 'em! I won’t let a little thing like an entirely different language stop me from doing the things I like!”

And so that frustrated determination has stuck with me even now and kept me going even when it turned into a slog, even when I accidentally managed to reset all my progress when I was trying to change Anki intervals. Of course, that had to happen right when I was learning counters, so I spent three times longer on them than I would’ve had to originally… :sob:

Anyway, it’s about more than just video games now though. I’m not hugely into light novels or anime, but I’ve gotten more interested in them since I started learning Japanese. And I also want to eventually read novels in Japanese, like I Am a Cat, Night on the Galactic Railroad, and The Setting Sun, though I know it’ll take years before I can read them comfortably. And I’m thinking of visiting Japan as well at some point once I reach a conversational level (providing Covid is over or at least handled by then). I made plans with friends to start teaching them from beginning to N4 once I reach at least N3 or so myself. So it feels like, as I keep learning Japanese, I keep finding more reasons to learn and stick with it, which is pretty great. :slight_smile: