Generating cards in a deck to support recalling

I have a deck of about 3000 words/cards. They are all in the Foreign>Native format since this is the way I imported them. So I realize I am training recognition, but I would like to also train my recall of said words.

Is there a way to duplicate those cards inside Kitsun in order to add a sister card with the Native>Foreign format? Would they appear in the same order of their sister card?

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Did the template & layout get imported as well or did you use the default Kitsun template & layout?

If it’s the latter you could just set the layouts for all the cards (you can do them all at once in the card management table) and select both “Native -> Foreign” and “Foreign -> Native”. Each card will then become two “sibling cards” during reviews. One per layout.

If it’s a custom layout you could duplicate it, exchange the fields accordingly, save it and then do the above steps to get the same result.

Having multiple layouts per card (so multiple “siblings” during reviews) has both pros and cons:


  • You only have to create a card once
  • You only have to manage a card once (adjusting values or index etc)
  • You always get all siblings in one review session, unless you enable the delay siblings deck setting.


  • When you incorrectly answer one sibling/layout it ranks down the whole card, including the other layout/sibling card. So if you have a lot of layouts on a card, it can become frustrating when you answer them all correctly except one.
  • You always get all siblings in one review session (same as in pros, some people like it, some don’t).

If you want separate cards, I’d suggest you import it again into the same deck but select the other layout this time. If you want both cards to appear at the same time, you will need to work with the Index field (you can enable this by setting the lesson sorting to Index based in deck settings).

Personally, I think the best way to go is to add that second layout to your already existing cards, but it’s up to what you wish to achieve :slight_smile:

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I made my own layout and imported it manually using this template that I created. I will try your solution then come back to share my success!!! hahahhaha

Thanks for the quick reply!

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I am super impressed at how easy it went!!!

Just like you suggested, I made a new Native -> Foreign layout (since It was a custom template and I didn’t have this layout done before), than I applied it to all the cards! Done!

I specially like it that I only have to edit the card once, when there is something I want to chance within the card, and it automatically updates the sibling card!!! Super easy!

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Glad to hear ^^

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