"Generate flashcard" doesn't generate a card for the English-Japanese pair

I have a private deck with a 3-card layout: Kanji-Kana, Jap-Eng, Eng-Jap. When I hit “Generate flashcard” in the Dictionaries section, I get only two cards: Kanji-Kana and Jap-Eng, so I need to add Eng-Jap manually.

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Also, there is a cool part of speech - Wikipedia definition

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You can click the customize flashcard button and set it up so it will generate the card exactly the way you want.

Generate Flashcard is a default setup which doesn’t include certain layouts on purpose, as not everyone (myself included) wants to have those specific layouts.

The nice thing about it is that your settings will be remembered through browser cookies, so you can customize it once and then generate cards just like the other button would :slight_smile:

Haha oh yeah, I forgot about that one :laughing: I’ll put it on the list


Oh, got it, thanks.
I thought it generate new cards with a selected deck settings.