Furigana on community deck


Is it possible to add furigana to the reviews of community decks (I’m using JPLT N5 for example)? Since I’m already using Wanikani, I would like to let kanji learning to Wanikani and concentrate more on vocabulary here.

For example, one of the first word on JPLT N5 deck is ‘key’, which has a pretty elaborate kanji (something like level 46 on Wanikani). I do not wish to learn that kanji at this point but I want to learn how the work ‘key’.

Is there a way to achieve that? Maybe adding furigana? I’ve check the layouts but unless I’m mistaken, there is now way to remove the kanji form the reviews. The best would be to see the kanji but with furigana also.


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I’m afraid that showing the furigana on the frontside for the N5-1 decks would spoil the reading that you have to enter when doing the Japanese -> Reading layout.

I understand that you aren’t doing that type of review and would like to learn the kanji through WK.

On one hand I’d say getting exposure to the kanji can already be very beneficial to you. The kanji from your example is a Jouyou kanji and the vocabulary will be in the kanji form more often than not I think.

There are of course exceptions to this…

On the other hand I also get that the N5 deck is aimed at beginners, so a kanji like this seems overly complicated to learn at that point. Perhaps we can filter out the difficult kanji and just put them between parantheses behind the word instead.

If you come across more kanji like this, could you perhaps report them through the feedback feature? I can make the above mentioned changes where needed :smile:

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