Furigana Issue with 々 Character


For some reason the hover over for furigana for the “々” character doesn’t operate properly. It creates an unnecessary space for some reason as shown in the images below:

Hover Over:

I know this is the repeater kanji, but is there a reason it operates differently?

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Could you let me know which deck/cards this occurs in? I’d like to take a quick look at the other values of the card to see what is going on (like whether the furigana syntax is correct).

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for reporting!

Thanks for responding so quickly! It’s in my private deck called “City Lit Course” and is found in two cards for:

  1. 先々週
  1. 先々月
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Thanks! I can replicate the issue and I think it might be because it does not recognize the 々as a kanji, but will need to debug it to fix it properly.

I do want to note that for now you could also solve your problem differently by doing the following:

You can combine the furigana into one bracket for the whole word if the word consists of kanji only (if there is okurigana you’d have to split it up before and after it.

Another small offtopic note that might be a bit more convenient for you is that you can use full-width brackets (Japanese width) instead so you don’t have to switch keyboards/IME to enter the furigana syntax. Like so:

In any case I’ll put it on the prio to-do list and fix it asap :slight_smile:

Thanks! Adding the whole lot onto the end of the word works for now.

Also, thanks for the tip on the full width brackets it’ll save me a lot of time going forward.

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