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I’m new… I’m trying to set up a layout which has furigana, and I’ve added in the Reading/Meaning in the format:


It displays as:


so the furigana doesn’t display.

I’ve tried adding in the furigana portion based on the Help section, but nothing has really changed. The code is:

Any suggestions? I am sure it is something very dumb :slight_smile:

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Ah! That’s because the default layouts have styling in it that hides the furigana until you hover over the text (or tap the text on mobile). The syntax you are using is correct but the styling just hides it by default.

Would you prefer it to always be shown instead?

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Ahhhhh! That explains it. I just found the class:


Thanks a lot!

p.s. love Kitsun. Currently on the free trial but will be subscribing. It’s so much nicer to use than Anki.


Haha yeah at first I was also wondering why it wasn’t working until I remembered the hover part (was added later on) :laughing:

Thanks for the compliment and support! Really glad to hear that you like it ^^

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I should have spotted it myself! Thanks for the help.

I’ve actually ended up using a slightly modified Kana > English layout instead of the Furigana for now, as it means I don’t need to add in the kana manually. Your reply has got me thinking that I could hide the kana and only display on hover…

I have a modified Kana > English layout under the default template, and can edit that fine, but I can’t edit the stylesheet. I presume the stylesheet is locked because it’s tied to the default template, and I would need to create a new template to edit it, is that right? I am a bit wary of having to convert all of the cards to a new template and messing them up, but if need be I will!

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Update… created a new template and can modify the stylesheet and it works great. I just need to go through and convert all of the cards now. I don’t think there’s a way to batch that, but if there is let me know!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Yep, correct! Because the default template and layouts are shared, those things are not editable directly.

As you noted you can duplicate the template, which then also duplicates all layouts attached to it.

Working on that functionality as we speak! :smile:

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Amazing. Thank you!

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By any chance has this been changed? I did the exact same as above (put furi in [ ] and duplicated the layout and added furigana: in front of the vocab field.) The furigana goes away like expected, but it does not appear above the kanji via hover or tap.

EDIT I figured it out. Had to put an extra header div above it!

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Glad you figured it out, sorry for the late response!

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