Furigana and {}

Hi Kitsun,

I’m playing with the app, and I like it :smiley:
I tried to create my first deck by importing a csv file and it works preaty well!!!

I encountered something that seems not to work well with my way of doing with Furigana:
1/ When doing reviews, I have to write “{” and “}”, otherwise it doesn’t work.

2/ Furigana seems to not work when I use “{” both on the phone or with french computer keybord, but seems to work with a french computer keybord with japanese settings (check sreenshot of point 1, the typo of “{” is larger).

2 suggestions:

  • when importing a csv file, it could be time saving to automatically fill the boxes when the name of the fields are identical to the name of the header (if it’s not clear, I can make a screenshots)
  • I read Somewhere that it is planned, but I’m also very interresting to be abble to look at HTML code of community layouts (because I’m not familiar with this language :shushing_face:).

Hope it can help to improve.

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Ideally for the input you would want to use a value where it has no furigana in there. So a clean value without additional syntax so to speak.

For the Japanese inputs (such as {{type-ja:fieldname}} ) where it automatically converts your romaji to hiragana while you type there is an exception however:

Say your value is like this:

then you can enter

and upon hitting enter it will result in:


So you basically type in the reading through auto conversion and it converts it into the corresponding kanji if correct.

Now as you can see this only works for regular [] furigana syntax, but I can extend it to support full-width (Japanese width) {}with the next update (which should be this weekend) if you would like to use this feature.

Which brings me to your second point:

Correct, the syntax is either [ ] (halfwidth, so English style) or fullwidth { }(Japanese style)

Noted! Someone else also mentioned this in the past but I haven’t come around to adding it yet. Other functionality took priority for now, but definitely something I’d like to add sometime!

You can actually pick up other users their templates and corresponding layouts from the community centre already :smiley: It is the very last section on the front page, all the way at the bottom below the decks. I think that as of writing Hinekidori’s templates are the only ones available, but those are probably also the ones you’d want to look at.

When you get them from the community centre you get a personal copy of the templates & layouts that you can fully edit as well :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions! Much appreciated :smiley:


That’s exactly what I was looking for!

No need, i just didn’t know it was possible with “[” and “]”. It makes my life easier :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well, I saw the section you mention. The Hinekidori’s template has a lot of information and nice animations. This is a very good idea but implies that someone push its template there.
What I mean is entering a layout that is not directly shared.

To make things clear, I will explain what I wanted to do:
I like the simplicity of “Kitsun - Vocabulary - Community Deck” (that can be found in 皆の日本語初級二 deck).

What I like precisely is the left and right display on the card answer:

Because I am a lazy boy who don’t know nothing in HTML, I wanted to take code lines that allow this left and right display.

But, I don’t find a way to enter into the “Kitsun - Vocabulary - Community Deck”. Probably because it is not shared in the templates section. Am I correct?

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Ah I see! The layouts used in that deck are actually the oldest (I made those 2 years ago when the beta launched) Kitsun default layouts that have since been replaced two times.

These templates/layouts have been marked as deprecated and are hidden by default. You can view those templates/layouts by going to the user settings and toggling on Show Deprecated Templates:

(Don’t forget to hit save after or it won’t work)

When enabled you can find them at the top of your templates list and view the code (along with the set of templates/layouts that came after those).

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Hey! Thanks a lot!

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Hi Kitsun,

I’m not pretty sure about what something do. I noticed what you said before:

Ok, type-ja allows to convert rômaji into hiragana.
But in layouts, we can see a lot of {{type-ja:Readings[Reading]}}, and I don’t understand what [Reading] allows to do.
(I changed the Readings part in my personnal layout, without changing or removing [Reading]. I never noticed something bad while I don’t have any Reading columns in my cards.)
Could you give me a quick explanation, please? :slight_smile:

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Sure thing! The [Reading] part actually becomes the placeholder text on the input, like this:

You can put any text between the [] brackets to make it display the placeholder text as a visual clue as to what you need to fill in.

Sorry for not having proper documentation on this stuff. I’ll (probably) be reworking the manual/help page (knowledge base) after the next feature update as it’s lacking quite some information and is outdated by now.


Ohhhh ok… I never noticed the text inside the box. Now it’s really obvious -_-"
I have other stupid questions, but not for tonight.
Thanks again !


There’s no such thing as stupid questions ^^ Feel free to ask anything :smiley: