Fox Labs (Kitsun) is hiring!

Hi everyone!

As part of our plan to take over the world help everyone learn Japanese we are looking for someone to join our team. We are searching for someone who is well versed in Japanese (N2-level minimum), knows very well how to explain grammatical concepts to learners and has a knack for writing.

This position is on a freelance/part-time basis but we have enough work to keep you busy for a long while. Benefits being that you yourself can choose when to work, as long as you can deliver work on a regular basis.

You will be joining a team and work together towards specific goals with set deadlines.


  • Remote job, work from anywhere.

  • No set working hours, our team consists of people from all over the world.

  • You can basically work as many hours as you want, as long as you can keep delivering a minimum and reach deadlines consistently.

  • Join a team of fun and enthusiastic people and work together with them on something new and exciting.

We expect:

  • Right now we are looking for someone who can put in (at least) around 15 hours a week, but do reach out even if you can not make 15 hours, as we might be able to hire multiple people to reach the minimum instead.

  • As the job is remote we expect you to be able to work diligently by yourself, but also work well in a team of writers.

  • Consistency is key. We want to reach certain deadlines and need to be able to depend on you getting your tasks done consistently.

  • You can write well, in a creative, informative and engaging matter, with an emphasis on keeping it fun and interesting for the reader.

  • N2+ level of Japanese, the higher the better. Good understanding of (N5-N3) Japanese grammar is a must. (If you can prove otherwise that your Japanese knowledge is vast but haven’t done the JLPT, feel free to contact us as well).

  • You know how to do your research and put that into your writing.

Please contact us at or contact me directly on Discord (Neicudi#8494) in case you are interested!

In other news, our development team recently expanded :tada: I’m no longer the sole developer of Kitsun and the unannounced project, so expect a steadier stream of new features for Kitsun in the near future :smiley: