Font sizes

So, here’s a picture of my card

In the extra-wrap portion for notes and tags, how can I change the size of the don’t for both of those? I don’t need either one to be remotely that large.

And even though they both under the same wrap, can I change size independently?


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Sorry for the late reply. Did you manage to figure it out already?

You could give them separate classnames (either by wrapping them in another HTML div and giving that a class attribute or directly), and then change their font-size independently.

Did you change anything (to copies of the default layouts) to make the size this big or are these the regular korean default layouts? In case it is the latter, it seems like something I’d have to change rather than you.


Thanks for getting back with me.
No, I didn’t change anything. In fact, I even redid my layout by copying the default Korean one.

I tried tweaking some things hoping that without fix it, but instead I just managed to break the whole thing. :joy:

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Did you get it to work with my previous explanation? Otherwise I can take a quick look for you and change it for you if needed :slight_smile:

I just checked the default layouts and they are not like this for me. Did you perhaps copy the class of the main “word” onto the tags <p> element? I’d recommend changing (or adding, in case there is no class on it) the class and then adding a style like
.classname { font-size: 18px; }
But in any case, if you don’t add a class, it should be the regular size just like the other items.

Sorry for taking so long to reply.
I copied the default layout - I’d tried tweaking one and broke the heck out of everything. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not sure what happened to cause everything to just be large, I don’t recall it having been like that in the past.
But, I went back through and set the notes portion and the tags portion as “subtitle” for the time being and it looks like it fixed it.
Am I able to add in new .classname sections? If so, could I make one specifically for the notes and the tags sections and assign specific sizes that I want them to be?