Font shortcuts for card creation

Didn’t see this mentioned yet but it would be helpful to have shortcuts for font/color changes within the card. I know we can add a command like below to change a word color or whatnot but it’s inconvenient to use (unless there is a feature I’m missing). But for example sentences for keywords to be highlighted, it would help alot.

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If you have control over the template you should put the styling there. If you want to make all the sentences red that is the way to go.


There’s also a highlight field type if you are using your own layouts:

And yeah, html/css inside your values is a bit of a no-no as it leads to problems during searching/other functionality, so making it red inside the actual template styling is definitely prefered.

But I’m guessing it you are using the default Kitsun layouts? In that case it’d have to be new functionality built into Kitsun instead :sweat_smile:


@acm2010, @Neicudi Yes, I’m using the default layouts. I can see how using html inside the values creates a bit a havoc…sometimes works and other times not so good. I haven’t played with the features of custom layouts, looks interesting, thx!

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You can clone the existing Kitsun layouts you need under Tools > Layouts, edit them, and then switch your cards to the new layouts. It’s a bit of a bother to go through all the layouts and changing them (but better than editing all the fields :wink:).

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