Flip Card Hotkeys on Input Layouts

Maybe this is intended functionality (though I’d be curious as to why, if that’s the case), but when a deck is set to “Always Show Flip Buttons”, but has Input cards (specifically the Kitsun General Languages Template and related Layouts), the Flip buttons show up and work as normal, but the hotkeys for them are non-functional, particularly for marking right or wrong.

Some related QOL things might be that the hotkeys for the flip buttons don’t seem to work period in lessons, the input field has the “wrong answer” style when using the flip button (I would understand if this would be impractical to fix), and for a version of the Kitsun General Languages which is Non-Input. Not like it’s hard to modify it to make it non-input, but it does seem like something a lot of people would use out-of-the-box. But everything in this paragraph would just be nice to have. It’s only what’s described in the above paragraph that has run me into some minor problems.

Love the site; I recently began using it to aid in learning Toaq. :smiley:


This is a leftover from when the setting would still auto focus the input. It never bound the hotkey events in that case. It is a known issue atm that’s on my shortlist to fix ^^

The hotkeys are different for lessons actually (pre-quiz part), the way to advance there is ENTER/Right arrow key for every time of card and side. The reason for this is that marking a card correct or incorrect is not available during lessons, and by hitting ENTER you can pretty much spam through the lessons if needed, as input cards also use ENTER.

Another known issue that I intend to fix along with the first mentioned one :smiley: I think I can just check whether the answer is an empty string, and if it is, don’t mark it as wrong. So should be an easy one to fix :smile:

You mean you’d like a default non-input layout? I’m adding those for Japanese soon, I’ll note it down for general languages too :smiley:

Toaq seems interesting, I’d never heard about it before :open_mouth: Is it difficult to learn?

Thanks for all the feedback and the support, really appreciate it!


Cool! Sounds like you’ve got everything covered. :smile:

Yeah, a default non-input layout is what I was referring to.

Toaq is a conlang created by Hoemai (aka solpahi), after he and many of the other most active lojbanists got fed up with some glaring issues in lojban and the unwillingness of the community as a whole to fix those issues. Toaq has a relatively simple grammar and is designed to sound nice and be natural to speak as much as it is to be a loglang. At this point, while the lojban Discord Server has more members than the Toaq one, the Toaq one is far more active. If you want to learn a loglang, I’d say that lojban is no longer the best one to learn.

PS, Toaq is pronounced “toe-ahng”. Sorry for no IPA; on mobile and have work soon.