Find duplicates in a deck

Hi there,
I imported a deck from Anki. It has more than 2000 cards. While learning and improving the deck I realized that there are many duplicates in it. How can I detect them? Currently I check it manually every time I think, that I have seen something already. But that is very inefficient. I really hope there is a better way.
The cards are identical btw (foreign word and native word are exactly same)


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I guess your best option will be to go to the management table of that deck and then click on the Native word or foreign word field. You can order the cards in the management table alphabetically, so the duplicates will appear together that way.

Here’s what I mean:

You can then select all the duplicates and delete them. It might take you 15 mins or so, but it’s probably your best bet for now :slight_smile:


Thanks. :slight_smile: That’s a good idea and will do the trick for me. :+1: