Filtering personal decks

Hello guys !
I am new here, so my question may sound pretty stupid, but how can I filter my personal decks using the parameters (like I can with community decks)
Also, is there a way to create a card using my template directly from the dictionary page ?
Thanks in advance !

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Hi and welcome!

What do you mean by “the parameters” exactly? Do you wish to filter out specific layouts, or did you mean something else?

There is! When creating a (vocabulary) card you can choose either the default flow or the custom flow. Using the custom flow will allow you to specify the template, match the fields and select your own layouts as well. :smile:

It will remember your settings through a cookie so you only have to fill it in once.

Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

By parameters, I meant the deck settings, and thanks! I didn’t notice the option for custom flow, although this doesn’t seem to exist for kanji cards yet :sweat_smile:

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Ah, pretty sure you mean layouts filtering then ^^ In that case I’d suggest going to the cards management page and setting the layouts for all the cards at once (use the top selectbox and select ‘set layouts’ from the actions dropdown). With your personal deck you have full control over your cards, so you can just remove or add layouts whenever you want. No need to filter them :slight_smile:

Correct, the Kanji dictionary does not have a custom flow yet. Hope to add that sometime soon :slight_smile: