Filtering by column, awakening cards across sets

  1. I use the Japanese Verb Conjugations deck and have hibernated all cards except the few very fist wanikani level of verbs. It’s five cards for each form.
    Now, I would like to awaken all cards, across all forms/sets, for wanikani level 2.
    How can I filter the deck so it only shows cards that have a wanikani level of 2? it is a column, so I assume it should be easy to filter it by the value of the column, but I don’t know how to do it. And even if I’d be able to filter it that way - can I awaken all siblings along with it or do I actually have to go to each set separately, use the filter and manually awaken the cards?

  2. If I sort cards by a column that contains numbers, it sorts them alphabetically instead numerically (eg. 1, 10, 11, 120, 2, 20). Is there a way to workaround this? Is it a bug with Kitsun or a bad setting in the deck?

  3. Is there a way to do an inverse search? for example all cards that have NOT a specific value in a column or do NOT have a specific tag?

  4. Is there a way to input multiple search terms and specify of it’s a AND or a OR search? With tags it seems to default to an OR search, which is not enough, and with values it seems impossible to search for more than one.
    it would be nice if we could do that, maybe with simple || and && symbols for OR and AND and a -symbol in front of a search term as an exclusion search.

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  1. I think the wk level is a tag on that deck? You’d have to filter on that specific tag from the advanced search if so.

    Due to the way the deck is set up to have a separate template per form, you would indeed have to go to each set and awaken them :\ This also means that every “sibling” is not really a sibling, but a separate card, with separate progress for Kitsun.

  2. Kitsun does not know whether the values filled in are only numbers or not (it could be a mix of letters and numbers etc). It does check if the column is called “Index” though. If it is Index it will sort based on numbers rather than strings.

  3. No, not yet at least. If you deem it useful I wouldn’t mind putting it on the requested features list :slight_smile:

  4. There is no way to do this yet. I agree it would be useful, I’ll put it on the requested features list :smile:

Looking at the answers I’m afraid I can’t be much of help right now :sweat_smile: Sorry about that. Thanks for taking the time to give feedback and suggest features!

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for 1)
It’s not a tag, it’s a column filled with the level as a value:

I would like to be able to set the filter to show me only those entries that have a “2” in the WK column. (or obviously, even better, a “2” OR a “3”)

I’ve found an additional problem so here is

  1. When I select multiple entries in this table, for example based on a filter and “select all” and then try to use the action to “remove from front of lessons queue” then it gives me an error if even one of the items is not marked as added to front of lessons queue, instead of just removing those that are, and giving me a message that some items already weren’t in front of lesson queue - because when I use this feature I obviously do not really care if I accidentally selected something that wasn’t “in front”, what counts is the result, that the selected entries are not being “in front” afterwards.

I didn’t mean to turn this into a bug reporting post^^ It’s just that as a developer myself I kinda tend to stumble over such things…

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Ah! Usually @hinekidori’s decks have them as tags. Sorry about that. Adding a way to search a specific column wouldn’t be too difficult to do. I’ll put it on the priority list and let you know once it’s implemented.

  1. Agreed, that should not be happening. I’ll fix it with the next update :slight_smile:

No worries! All the feedback so far has been very reasonable and implementing the features will make Kitsun better anyways ^^

Thank you very much!

I actually can’t wait to start making my own deck! I’ll probably be nagging even more then…
After having tried this for a few days, you really earned that lifetime sub as soon as my paycheck rolls in.

I do work a lot with databases and showing big amounts of data in a compact way on the screen so I’m very particular about searching and filtering features :smile:


Fantastic to hear you like Kitsun and plan on getting a lifetime sub! Thank you so much for supporting Kitsun! Feel free to “nag” more once you start your deck :laughing: There’s always room for improvement :smiley: