Filter cards by layout?

Wondering if there’s any way to filter cards by layout during custom deck management.

During import, I sometimes accidentally assign a batch of cards to the wrong layout. I’d like to find and replace all of the mistakes. Hard to do when I can’t filter by layout.

Granted, the reason that’s happening is because I originally choose a poor name for my custom layout and - until today - I didn’t think it was possible to rename layouts, only duplicate them. But, as I go back to test this, I’m realizing it IS possible to rename a layout, the UI is just a little misleading.

So, follow-up request: a UI tweak to make it a little more obvious that renames are possible. Having the “Duplicate Layout” button directly to the right of the input kind of implies that the Name box exists solely for that purpose. I wonder if having it sit in the top-right area with the other layout-wide actions might make both “duplicate” and “rename” actions be a bit more intuitive?


Are they the same layout? When this happens, I just reset the entire deck to what I want. If I happen to have kana only in the deck, I will click the vocabulary heading in the heading and it will ‘alphabetize’ so I can turn off reading layouts. Another way to do it is to have a separate templates for specified layouts upon import, this way you can mass edit to only the cards you want. Sounds like a feature request you have would be helpful, just mentioning if it helps in the short term.

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Unfortunately, no, I’ve got three different layouts (E->J, J->Reading, J->Meaning), and thanks to my import process, all cards have “Readings” populated even if they’re technically Kana-only.

You know, I had tried that originally, but I think I ran into other UI inconveniences when using non-default templates that caused me to back out of that solution, like some parts of the Card Generation features not working with non-default layouts.

Still, I think it’s probably a nicer system than what I’ve been doing. I just took an hour and converted everything over to separate templates, checking each card by hand - hopefully this will work better going forwards. Appreciate the suggestions!


I see, again for me it was easier to mass change the whole deck to all three layouts and click the ‘vocabulary’ to alphabetize the list and click the checkbox of every kana entry and then convert that to a E->J, J->Meaning only…This method was generally pretty time effective even for large imports. I never had spend the time to individually correct each card to check. But I’m not certain if that fits what you are doing if highly specific to something you want.

Yeah, the issue for me is that which layout I assign a given card to is actually more of a judgment call than anything.

Words I’m confident in get E->J, words I’m less confident in get J->Meaning, J->Reading or both depending on how well I already know the kanji involved.

So I can’t just sort by what’s on the card to get the right answers automatically - I’d have to sort by the decisions I’d already made (ie, the layout), or re-make those decisions each time.

Still, I think this swap over to different templates for each of those layouts likely has me covered, so thanks for that suggestion!

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