[Feature Idea] Whiteboard

Hey @Neicudi, thanks for creating this site, I’ve found it’s keeping me engaged better than Anki which is awesome (I guess from the game-ification bit), and I like being able to see a status of where I’m at in a particular deck, it’s quite encouraging.

One thing I like(d) to do in Anki was enable the whiteboard when going through a Kanji deck, and I could use it on cards to practise writing Kanji. I would say it really helped with memorisation.

I do understand though, I could always switch my keyboard to whiteboard characters into responses, but it’s a bit more messing around than just having a whiteboard.

Not sure if anyone else does this, or would find it handy, just an idea.


Hey! Thanks for your support and compliments!

The whiteboard in this case is just something you can scribble anything on? Not a specific kanji writing section right?

I think it would be a cool addition, but I’m not sure whether it would be something built into the card, built into the review/lesson page or built into Kitsun as a whole? How did it work for you with Anki?

Thanks for the suggestion! :smile:

In Anki, enabling the whiteboard let’s you scribble on the whole card. It’s non permanent, and stays when you flip the card. I uploaded two screenshots to demonstrate my terrible writing :stuck_out_tongue:

To enable it in Anki, when viewing a card, click the options menu, and there should be an enable whiteboard option. It enables it for the deck until you disable it. There’s also an erase button that shows up which will just erase the last line you drew.

I’m not sure how you might want to incorporate it if you did. I don’t know how useful it is outside of learning Kanji. Not sure if other languages outside of chinese have the same character nightmare. Maybe it would be a field you could enable for a card type (I haven’t really investigated Kitsun’s card options), and you could use that card type to build a Kanji deck (I don’t use wanikani for kanji, I used Anki like this to memorise all the Genki Kanji really quickly though, and I’m trying to expand on that now with an RTK deck)


That feature looks pretty useful, I’ll definitely look into adding a similar feature as I’m planning on releasing decks for all Kanken levels (Kanji tests which focus on writing) and a feature like this would be perfect for it as well :slight_smile:

As for the implementation: Right now I’m thinking of just having a button or toggle that brings up a transparent whiteboard on top of your current card during reviews/lessons :smile: