[Feature Idea] Want different answer

I am occasionally annoyed by questions in the deck that have multiple valid answers, like 止める・泊める, and it is a burden to have the maintainer add clues there.

Instead of just ignoring it every time, how about:

  • similar to synonyms, add an entry field in the notes with a list of items that make the entry box shake. Maybe with a field for a personal hint a la “looking for the one related to movement” or something. In the best case the maker of the deck could provide an initial list and get feedback.

  • Or, add a “frontside pen icon” you can move around that can show a hint, or attach it to the footer, …? In that way it can stay independent of the layout.


Hmm, as long as the layout creator is able to provide a field for wrong matches, it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement this as a default behavior for the inputs.

E.g. just having a {{wrong:fieldX}} in the layout where fieldX has a value like wrong1,wrong2,wrong3 could be parsed as the wrong answers. Where entering either of those values would cause the input to shake and display a small tooltip with “Not that one” or something similar.

I see, then the deck author just has to enable the feature in the layout, and everyone can use the usual feedback mechanism. I think the tooltip could also be read from a field instead of a generic message, there may be three or more conflicts :slight_smile:

But in that case the only way to add custom blocked terms is by asking the author to change fieldX, right?

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It would also be possible to add additional wrong answers for you personally, working exactly the same as personal synonyms do right now. Additional to the above mentioned system.

I am a bit worried about people not sending in suggestions for wrong answers anymore once a personal system is in place though…

It could list the wrong answers at the hint as well, having a personal message is also possible but would require a bit more work.

I do think it is a really nice feature to have in general by the way, looking forward to implementing it :smile:


Thanks, looking forward to using it :wink:

I was re-trying Bunpro today, and a huge improvement was the better handling of expected inputs. I never knew what to put when I first tried it (like “was it それ or これ …”), those “fill in the missing parts” kind of questions are hard to handle.


Ohhh, I really like this idea :OO

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I’m sorry to bump such an old topic but I didn’t find any mention of this feature on the kitsun forums Kitsun Patch Notes or in the roadmap that I found on the wanikani forums https://community.wanikani.com/t/kitsunio-new-update-2021-02-03-srs-study-platform/30954/1

Is this feature still planned ? / already implemented ? / abandoned ?

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This is definitely still coming, in fact it’s in the priority feature list right now :slight_smile:

You can see an up to date list of to-do’s here if you’re interested in what’s coming:



Nice !
Thank you ! :smiley:

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