Exposure deck non input

I’m doing an exposure deck using the dictionary card function. I’d like to do simple cards with meaning and reading but not to be tested on meaning and reading by input, I would like to flip the card, read the answer and go on. I can do that by the default non input layout but then, if I want to add something in the card, like a sentence, which layout should I use? I tried the meaning one but then, I’ve been tested on input (reading and meaning) and I don’t want that. I tried to toggle with the deck setting but for this one I don’t see any setting related to not be tested on particular cards or something like that…
And if I want to do a simple card most of the time and then add a sentence once in a while, can I do that or all cards in a deck should be the same?

I don’t think you have to select anything.

Through the dictionary I’m selecting Custom Flashcard > Default Kitsun Layouts - Non-Input (using preferred layout). This should go to Match Fields but you don’t have to select a value for ‘Sentence’ or ‘Meaning’. If you go to next on the Values screen, you can enter your sentence and you can use this as your custom default card builder when you select ‘Custom Flashcard’ through the dictionary. You should be able to add sentences based on your preference.

Ah really? I’ll try that now :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: I was under the impression the non input was a word only card

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