Exporting/copying/customizing existing deck

Hey there, good day everyone. I’m new to this forum, so apologyzes in advance if there is anything wrong with the section or else.

I have a problem and hope that someone can suggest me a solution of any kind, but first of all I want to express my admiration for the creators of this website/app because it’s really awesome!
Here’s my problem: I’m studying on a customised Genki deck but I don’t like that it also asks me the ‘japanese to english’ and ‘voice japanese to english’ version of the vocabs I study. I’m using it just to improve my recall skills, but if I get a vocab in its hiragana version at the beginning of the reviews session, I RECOGNIZE it and the recall doesn’t happen anymore - later, when I find its meaning in english and get asked for its japanese reading.
I don’t know if this is the same for everyone or if it even makes sense but I do feel that I’m killing the recall process which I need when I’m in a conversation and am not reading anything.
Apart from this, there is also the problem that it currently takes me 3x the time I would need to go thru the reviews with ‘eng-jap’ only.

Is there any way to work around it? Maybe a way to export the deck or copy it as my private one or even a workaround with some script or else…?

Thanks in advance!!

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Hey, welcome!

Thanks for the compliments :smiley:

When you say customised, do you mean your own personal deck or a deck from the community centre?

Question types during lessons and reviews are determined by the layouts that the cards use. Each layout creates a “sibling card” during reviews that you’d have to answer. With that in mind there are a few possible solutions.

If it’s a community deck, you could consider the following options:

  • In the deck settings you can enable layout filtering and enable only the layout you want (so the others don’t show up at all).

  • Another option is to enable delay siblings in the deck settings. This makes it so that you will have a X hour (customizable) delay between each layout. So you would have a review of card A layout A (say, recall) at 4pm, and X hours later the same card pops up as a review again but this time as a review of layout B.

  • During reviews, you can also try tweaking the reorder settings and sort by layout. Perhaps that will make it so the recal layout comes first and the other later.

If it’s a personal deck, you can do either of the following:

  • Remove the layouts that you don’t use from the cards (you can batch set 1 layout for all cards through the cards management table by selecting all cards → actions → set layouts).

  • Delay siblings (as mentioned above) could also work here.

  • Depending on what the actual problem is, you could perhaps work around it by blurring the spoiling kana through editing the layout and enabling “blur spoilers” in the deck settings. This would only work if the “spoiler” is on the backside though.

So there’s a few ways of fixing this problem, depending on how you’d want your reviews to function. If something is unclear or you want more information about a certain option, feel free to let me know!

Hope that helps a bit ^^

Hey, thanks for the answer :pray: this actually worked! i didn’t know it was so simple, forgive me for taking your time but I’m new to both the website and the forum :pray:
Thank you!!

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Glad it worked!

No worries, feel free to ask if you got any further questions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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