Export my personal decks?

Hello, I’ve enjoyed Kitsun.io, but I’d like to move my personal decks to another flashcard. Could someone export the two personal decks for me? Thanks!


Hey, no problem. I’ve sent you a PM with the exports :slight_smile: Good luck with your studies!


Hi Neicudi,

I am new to this forum and it seems that I can’t message you privately.

I would like to export two of my decks so I can edit them and reupload again. Since it would be a major hassle to do it in kitsun.io one by one… ( Google Sheets integration would be cool btw…)
Could you please be so kind to export the two SFA decks I have made :slight_smile: ? Thank you!

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You should be able to PM me by clicking on my avatar and then clicking on the “Message” button. But the forums did get updated a bit ago and broke quite some things (like the user levels not displaying correctly on the forums anymore). I’ll have to take a look :sweat_smile:

I’ll PM you with the exports in a bit :slight_smile: